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School photos are a timeless tradition but there’s no rule saying they have to be done the same old way. 


We offer bespoke school portraits - a unique alternative to traditional school photos capturing authentic images of childhood at important milestones from pre-school and beyond. These are portraits that families are proud to frame and excited to share. Please see below FAQ for a more in depth look at what we offer.      

When can I book a school session? 


Anytime! We do school photos throughout the school year and can easily work with your school to determine a time that works best. 


We’re ready to go, what comes next? 


Once we’ve agreed upon a date, you’ll be sent a contract outlining everything for the day(s).

We’ll come and do a site visit at your school to determine the best location for the photographs (individual & class photos).

We’ll provide you with some helpful info to send to parents/caregivers in advance.

And, we’ll see you on photo day! 

Does this mean more work for the school?  


We believe that school photography shouldn’t mean more work for school administrators and teachers and we’ve factored that into our process in a number of ways: 

·     We provide the school with templates for parent/guardian communications letting them know what to expect and how to talk to their kids about photo day

·     After photo day we deliver digital selection galleries where parents/guardians can view their proofs so no additional work for teachers and less environmental waste. 

·     We sell direct to parents/guardians with options to pay online. 

What is photo day typically like? 


Things move quickly on photo day! We spend only a few minutes with each child taking their portrait – but we make sure that we have a good selection of images to choose from. We sing songs, dance, make faces & silly noises. We know that having photos taken can be stressful for some children and we adjust our approach accordingly, letting them set the pace. We always aim for smiles but those thoughtful and curious faces make for some really special portraits as well. 


What does the set up include? 


Our set up is intentionally minimalist and typically includes a backdrop (available in multiple colours options and customizable for your school), lighting as needed, and children either sit on a small chair or stand.


What about class photos? 


We firmly believe in the class photo! We’ve seen first hand how much kids enjoy having a photo of their classmates, and as a result we ensure that all children receive a class photo. And one for the classroom of course!  


Do you accommodate sibling photos? 


Yes! We love sibling photos. This can be siblings in the same school or older/younger siblings that want to come by during photo time. We will follow the school’s preference.    


How long before parents receive proofs? 


Typically parents/guardians receive digital proofs within 7-10 days following photo day. 


What are packages like? 


We offer multiple packages and add-ons in print and digital options.  Packages are competitively priced. 


Do you offer teacher headshots? 

Yes! We do and we can easily incorporate this into School Photo Day or as a separate session .

What if we have a special request?


Let’s hear it! We love to work with schools to make their photo day special.

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